Body Butter

Body Butter


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(8 oz.) Enriched with stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, Mango Butter, and Shea Butter, as well as vitamins and extracts to replenish natural oils and rehydrate dry damaged skin.


Deborah’s Collection Body Butter is designed to aid in eliminating dry skin and minor skin irritations. It is recommended for all skin types.


Deborah’s Body Butter provides a perfect balance of vitamins, extracts, and humectants to provide ultra moisturizing benefits, replenish natural oils, and rehydrate dry damaged skin.

Body Butter is enriched with Stabilized Aloe Gel, Shea Butter, and Mango Butter. Shea Butter is an emollient from the karite tree and Mango Butter is derived from the seed kernel of the mango tree. These ingredients are excellent for softening the skin and retaining moisture.

Regardless of skin type, every individual at times has the need for Deborah’s Body Butter. It is impossible to avoid the household chores, hot water bathing, and central heating and air conditioning. Water, which is such a tonic to the skin when it is used properly, can extract precious oils and moisture from the body when it is used excessively. This condition is compounded when the water is considered “hard.”

For all these reasons, our Body Butter has become more of a necessity than a beauty product. It penetrates the important surface layers quickly and moisturizes the underlying tissues, as well as helps the parched surface. With the bonus of Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, it helps to relieve diaper rash, heat rash, and many other minor skin irritations.

Men like Deborah’s Body Butter, too. It can be applied after shaving to help reduce razor burns or rashes. It feels moist and natural — never sticky or greasy.


Smooth this Butter generously over entire body after bathing, showering, or anytime the skin feels dry. Body Butter may be used as a massage crème or warmed for soothing muscle tension.

***Special Note: Deborah’s Collection Body Butter is an excellent product for minimizing stretch marks.

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