CBD Cream

CBD Cream


DChealth Plus (Deborah’s Collection) uses CBD which contains Zero THC.

Studies show some of the Amazing benefits of CBD Oil….

Soothes muscles and soreness Calms skin irritations Powerful antioxidants Rejuvenates and moisturizes

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DChealth Plus (Deborah’s Collection) contains Zero THC.

CBD 200 mg

Arnica 1200 mg

MSM 3000 mg

Fragrance Free

Deborah’s Collection CBD Cream is a unique blend of CBD Oil, Arnica, Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM) formulated in an Aloe Vera base enhanced with essential oils designed to absorb quickly to the subdermal layers of the skin for a soothing effect while providing natural wellness.  This product offers excellent preparation for pre-workout and superb recovery for post-workout.  Assists the body in restful Sleep.

Our Superior Formulation is uniquely developed to ensure this product has the perfect blend of high quality organic botanical ingredients including:

Cannabidiol – (THC FREE) CBD OIL – CBD 200 mg – extracted from the hemp plant and is an antioxidant more powerful than vitamin C, E, A or omega-3 fatty acids.  CBD Oil carries deep penetrating properties.

Arnica Extract – arnica 1200 mg – known for its amazing properties to sooth and calm the skin.

Dimethyl sulfone (MSM) – MSM 3000 mg – has been shown to soothe the skin and enhance exercise performance.

Organic Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extract, Comfrey Extract, and Calendula Extract – are known antioxidants which penetrate quickly to the subdermal layers of the skin to assist in soothing, moisturizing, and calming the skin.

Apply to body where needed. Massage gently and thoroughly. Use as frequently as needed.

Testimonies of CBD Cream
Some who have tested this exceptional new product have remarked they saw the product work faster and providing better relief from pain and discomfort.

Diann Wallace and her brother Mike Doss, Crosbyton, Texas, have suffered from arthritis. They have been faithful customers of the Cineol Lotion for many years but saw quicker and better results with the CBD Creams, saying the pain and discomfort left almost immediately.

Pat Gibbs, Abilene, Texas, lives with the challenges of fibromyalgia and is known as the Cineol Queen! Day or night, wherever she goes…Cineol Lotion was her companion. Pat has raved over the CBD Cream and its amazing help! She said within seconds the pain diminished.

Sandra Edwards, Santo, Texas, was ecstatic about the help she received after using the DChealth Plus CBD Cream. She has search for something to help her arthritis for a long time. She said she has family and friends who she is anxious to share this new product with and hear of their testimonies as well.

Rebekah Martin, Abilene, Texas, was astounded with when she used the DChealth Plus cream at night before going to bed! She said she went to sleep faster, stayed asleep in a deeper sleep through the night. She awoke much more rested! Rebekah also was amazed when she had tension in her back and applied the product see immediate results! The pain left completely quickly!!

Amy Smith, San Antonio, after using the CBD Cream said it was easy application, cool-soothing relief. Her favorite part was that it is fragrant free! She can use it anytime and anywhere!

Megan Gibbs, Abilene, Texas, said she carries stress in her shoulders every day. She applied the CBD Cream and instantly the muscles relaxed and the stress left her body. Megan also used the product before going to work out and saw great results. She has suffered from restless leg syndrome after working out. After using the cream, she did not experience the restless leg at all!!

Amanda Copeland, Abilene, Texas, after a busy day of work saw quick relief of tension headaches! Amanda uses the DChealth Plus cream nightly agreed with Rebekah –best night sleep ever. She said she sleeps deeper and wakes complete rested! A must for such a busy schedule!

Sharon Martin, Spur, Texas, used the cream immediately on my foot & knee that hurts ALL
of the time! It’s works wonderful! Can’t believe how fast it worked! I will be ordering more!!

Margie Freeman, Cleburne, Texas, I’m blessed…. this new product gave me 6 hrs of sleep, I did not move, I did not get up not one time. I woke no anxiety and feel restored!!!! There’s no doubt that the owner of this company prays the cream blesses the ones that use them!!!

Bennie, Abilene, Texas, I haven’t been able to move my neck from side to side for a long time…….after I applied the cream within 30 seconds I was able to rotate my neck from side to side!!!! I LOVE this cream!!!

Candy Gilbert, Abilene, Texas, For several weeks I suffered from tendinitis which ran from my shoulder down to my elbow. It kept me awake most nights and was very painful. I was encouraged to use the CBD Cream at regular intervals. It took about 3 days but there is a very marked change in my pain level. I’m currently 90% pain free! I love this cream! We’ve also used it for sore neck and hip issues and it has been amazing!

Nadine Reedy , Arebela, MO, I had major back surgery July 6, 2018. My back was very achy today & radiating heat. My husband was also complaining all day about his. He had a broken back many years ago. I put some cream on my back & he asked if I would put some on his. Well I thought this can’t be right. I immediately felt some relief. He said he was going to sit for a couple minutes in his chair & see if his was better. He looked at me & said it was better!!! So I want to order 4 more while I can get it at the special intro price!! Thank you so much!!

Anita Boliver, Midland, Texas, I have a friend that had major surgery on his leg years ago and his ankle has hurt for years- he used the CBD cream on it and has had no pain for two days now.

Mrs. Reid, Abilene, Texas, I have not slept in several years due to severe pain from arthritis, after applying the cream, I had the best sleep ever! I LOVE this cream.

Jeri Rich, Monrovia, Maryland, I have been hurting with arthritis for many years and the rainy weather we have had this year where I live I have really been hurting. I saw that many were raving about the new cream CBD Cream. I ordered some and put just a little where I hurt and have not been hurting for several weeks. Don’t think I will be without the cream now.

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