Toning Spritz

Toning Spritz


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(4 oz.) Refreshes and hydrates combination or dry skin.


Deborah’s Toning Spritz completes the cleansing process by removing any residue left on the skin and hydrates the pores while returning the pH balance. Recommended for dry or combination dry skin.


Many men and women overlook this phase in their facial care programs because they do not really understand why it is used. The Toning Spritz serves the following functions:

  • a. They remove any trace of cleanser left on the skin.
  • b. They hydrate the skin because they contain natural humectants that draw moisture into the skin. The skin is not fully ready to receive moisturizer unless it has a been prepared with these humectants.
  • c. They rebalance the pH of the skin.
  • d. They help in controlling the sebacious (oil) glands.


Apply a few drops to a cottonball and smooth on face and neck. Apply after cleansing or masking. Follow with daily skin care regimen.

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