Body Wash – Pear

Body Wash – Pear


Formulated with a high concentration of stabilized Aloe Vera to delicately cleanse the body while restoring moisture to the skin.


Deborah’s Body Wash is uniquely formulated to cleanse the entire body while moisturizing and conditioning the skin. A replacement for soap.


Deborah’s Body Wash is formulated with a high concentration of stabilized Aloe Vera Gel to restore moisture and condition the skin while cleansing the body. The enzymatic action of the Aloe Vera delicately sloughs away dry, scaly, dead cells, leaving the body satin smooth and refreshingly clean. This product is concentrated yet low-sudsing so as not to strip the skin of its natural oils or disrupt the pH balance.


To be used as a body wash. Pour a small amount into your hand, a wash cloth. Wash thoroughly, then rinse.

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