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I ordered these products based on a friend’s recommendation (she has beautiful skin)!! I’ve been using for about a week on my face/neck before I put on moisturizer … I can already FEEL a difference – my face is so soft from using it just this short time. Even at my age I still have very sensitive skin so I’ve always felt like less is more where my skin is concerned. The Aloe Jelly doesn’t feel oily and goes on so nicely. I LOVE these products!

I love all of Deborah’s products and use every single one of them and I especially love how all the skin care products feel on my skin!

Since beginning the products I have seen drastic changes in the firmness and brightness of my skin. As I approach 40 my skin care has become a priority I never imagined in my earlier years. I have become such a believer in the products that my 16 year old is also using the skin care products to help get an early start on protecting and preserving her youthful skin. Her acne has become less of an issue and her skin is beginning to heal beautifully. I would recommend Deborah’s Collection to anyone who wants to take proper care of their skin and without breaking the bank. Super excited that my Mom turned me onto these great products. Well done Deborah! Blessings and Favor!

After using FacialTox Advanced for 5 days on vacation and returning home, friends immediately said “You lost a lot of weight – your face is so much thinner!” I just had to tell them of Facial Tox Advanced! This product truly is a MUST and I love the way it has renewed my skin!