Cineol Lotion

Cineol Lotion

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(8 oz.) Soothes arthritic discomforts or muscle strains.


Deborah’s Cineol Lotion is a moisturizing, deeply penetrating lotion which is formulated to aid in the relief of arthritic pains, muscle strain or deep-seated pain.


Because of the high concentration of Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel (80%) and natural Eucalyptus Oil, the Cineol Lotion aids in the reduction of swelling and relieves pain normally not reached by topical applications. It may be used for topical skin problems, muscular soreness, dry or chafed skin, rashes, abrasions, dry skin bumps, flaking, and many other problems. Arthritic users attest to great relief in both pain and stiffness.


Apply three or four times daily as needed to aid in relief of joint pains or other deep-seated pain. Massage gently and thoroughly.


Because of the high concentration of Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, the product has tremendous penetrating powers. Therefore, it should not be used on deep puncture wounds. The danger of tetanus is the reason for this warning. All deep wounds must be thoroughly cleansed before applying medication of any type. If pain or swelling persists, a doctor should be consulted.

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  1. Mary Murayama

    Have been using this product since your company was just beginning and I can not say enough about the Cineol Lotion. My mother, who passed away at 82 years , used it on her knees and back since about 1978 and all of my family has been using it ever since. Now I have my son-in-law and grandson using it. You need to start it as soon as you strain yourself and have a sore area start, don’t wait. I give the Lotion a big FIVE STAR review.

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