Oil-Free Moisture Lotion w/ Acai

Oil-Free Moisture Lotion w/ Acai


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(4 oz.) Balances moisture levels and assists in controlling oils.


Deborah’s Oil-Free Moisture Lotion is a light moisturizer formulated to hydrate the deepest layers of the skin, thereby lubricating the sebaceous glands and maintaining the pH balance of the skin. Recommended for oily or acne skin.


Nature provided us with a perfect non-oily moisturizer when it gave us Aloe Vera. The combination of Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel with the extra bonus of natural protein (to help the skin maintain moisture longer) enables Deborah’s Collection to offer the oily individual an alternative to the many products on the market which are designed for the dryer-skinned majority. This super-cooling lotion contains extra humectants that pamper and protect the skin, helping to prevent rough and broken conditions of the surface layer. These water-binding ingredients give the much-needed moisture without adding undesired oiliness.

Oily individuals find this lotion works well for night time protection instead of night creams.

Acne individuals should use this lotion for daytime only and should use the Aloe Jelly for nighttime protection.


Gently smooth a small amount over face and neck. Wait a few minutes until all the moisturizer has penetrated the surface tissue before applying the

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